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Senn Chemicals AG has considerable expertise in working with clients involved in all phases of drug discovery, development and manufacturing. Senn Chemicals AG offers the following custom manufacturing services for peptides, protected peptide fragments, peptide mimetics, special amino acids, carbohydrates and specialty organic compounds.


We find the most suitable synthesis route for each of your products. Do you have any guidelines or limitations? We will do our best to provide you with a synthesis route that entirely fulfills your expectations.

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Based upon various parameters, such as the nature and structure of your product, and the amounts you need, we will develop the most economic process for you, be it in solution, applying a solid phase support, or a hybrid strategy involving both approaches.

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, scale-up and validation

Your process reliably works on the laboratory scale, but you require a process to produce larger volumes of up to 1000 kg per batch? Fusing our long-year experience with theoretical parameters obtained from tools such as Modde and Dynochem, we will provide you with a cost-efficient and reliable process optimized for continuous and high-quality manufacturing of your compound. In addition, for products produced under GMP regulations, we offer full process validation service.

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Our highly skilled Quality Control department will implement a set of experimental methods that characterizes your products to your satisfaction. In collaboration with our qualified service partners, we offer a wide range of analytical methods, from purity characterization via HPLC to elemental the quantification of heavy metal residues using ICP-MS.


What is the long-term stability of your potential API? In collaboration with our qualified service partners, we offer stability studies applying a wide range of storing conditions, for example, short-time stability studies in water at room temperature, or 5-year stability studies under acidic conditions at -18 degrees.


In close collaboration with our qualified service partners, we offer regulatory support required for the commercial production of your product, for example, process validation, analytical method validation, or documentation services such the issue of Drug Master Files (DMF) and Certificates of suitability of Monographs of the European Pharmacopoeia (CEP).

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project management

To us, you are not a project and you are not just a client. You are our strategic partner. A dedicated project manager will supervise your project, starting from the process development up until the finalization of validation reports. You will have a single point of contact, with whom you can discuss any project-related matters, and who will keep you updated on the current status of your project.

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Our facilities are US FDA-approved, cGMP and ISO 9001:2015 certified. We already assisted various customers from the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry with the commercial, large-scale (>100 kg) GMP production of peptides, peptide fragments, peptide mimetics, amino acid derivatives, carbohydrates, or other organic molecules. How can we assist you?

No matter in which phase of your project you are, Senn will support you in all stages to achieve outmost success. Let us show you the difference a true manufacturing partnership can make.

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