Management Team

  • Daniel Müller, PhD.

    Daniel Müller, PhD.

    Chief Executive Officer

    Daniel Müller, born in St. Gallen, completed his Master studies and PhD thesis in organic chemistry at ETH Zürich. After Post Doc studies and medicinal research as peptide chemist in San Diego, CA, he occupied various positions in chemical manufacturing, supply chain, project management and pharmaceutical manufacturing within major companies in the Swiss pharmaceutical industry. Before joining Senn Chemicals on June 2017, Daniel led a pharmaceutical manufacturing company in Switzerland.

  • Kathleen Noack

    Kathleen Noack

    Chief Marketing Officer

    Kathleen Noack joined Senn Chemicals as Vice President Sales & Marketing and Member of the Executive Management Team in 2014. She commands more than 25 years global experience in sales and marketing in the Life Science Industry. She held several senior management positions serving the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, i.a. as Director Sales at a leading Swiss peptide manufacturer. Kathleen holds a degree in chemistry.

  • Florence Bérézovsky, PhD.

    Florence Bérézovsky, PhD.

    Chief Material Management Officer

    After completing her PhD at the University of Brittany (France), summa cum laude with honors, Florence pursued a post-doctoral fellowship in coordination chemistry and crystallization at the University of Bern (Switzerland). Florence initially joined Senn in 2001 as Head of Purchasing. Her skill and diligence readily resulted in progressive responsibility including technical procurement and receiving. Following a 2011-2013 procurement management role with Esbatech (Novartis), Florence returned to lead the Senn Materials Management department in 2013.

  • Thomas Hellmann, PhD

    Thomas Hellmann, PhD

    Chief Quality Officer, QP

    Thomas Hellmann joined Senn Chemicals as Chief Quality Officer and QP in August 2018. 
    He has more than two decades business experience in various Quality and Process Improvement Management Positions in global life science and pharma companies (Sigma-Aldrich, Merck and Vifor Pharma). Thomas holds a PhD in Organometallic Chemistry from the University of Kaiserslautern.





  • Wenqing Hu, PhD.

    Wenqing Hu, PhD.

    Site Manager


    Wenqing studied organic chemistry at University of Zurich and received his PhD degree in 1998. After working in R&D, production and Q-unit in different pharmaceutical companies, Wenqing joined us in 2012. Initially in the Q-unit and then in 2016 he moved to the production site GP.



  • Markus Löweneck, PhD.

    Markus Löweneck, PhD.

    Head of Research & Development

    On completion of his PhD in chemistry from the University of Technology (Munich), Markus pursued his first postdoctoral fellowship focused on photo-controlled hairpin peptides at the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry, Martinsried. He subsequently completed a second postdoc fellowship at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) with Prof. Seebach, with emphasis on synthesis of peptides, amino acids and unnatural amino acids. Recruited as a research scientist in 2006, Markus quickly demonstrated his technical acumen and management abilities. He currently leads research, development and pilot production efforts for Senn.

  • Anita Jost

    Anita Jost

    Chief Finance Officer

    Anita Jost has a wide range of accounting experience, working for many years in different industries. She successfully finished her study in finance and accounting in 2009 and in human resources management in 2011, completing both studies with federal specialist certificate. As Head of Finance Anita is responsible for a well-functioning accounting department at Senn Chemicals.